Why Reflex?

Why Reflex?

What We Do, We Do Best

We start our NPD (New Product Development) programme by collating the very latest research (double blind placebo where possible) in combination with a raft of more conventional research as well as our own experience. This enables us to develop innovative, robust and unmatched products.

This happens in context of a very clear brief;

To use the very best ingredients possible in scientifically proven dosages to produce products that redefine standards in their category.

This means that we use an array of global suppliers who provide the highest quality ingredients which are often patented and market innovating in their own right.

We also build in complete balance to the formulation between health and performance. We deliver sports supplements that are healthy and similarly, health products that deliver efficacy or performance.

All of this might seem obvious but not all brands pursue such an approach.

Market Leading

We have cut out the margin of a contract packer to deliver you the very best products. This has only been made possible by investing in the UK’s most advanced sports supplement manufacturing facility. The result is that we offer market competing products at market leading prices. Our Instant Whey product proves the point.

As the price of whey protein has increased over recent years it is ever more important to check that your protein is offering the best value for money. We firmly believe that Reflex Instant Whey including Native Whey in unmatched.

Now, more than ever, it is simply the best choice for value, protein content, lower level of fats and carbohydrates compared to any other leading competitive whey protein. This is not hearsay, it’s a fact and that is before we consider the inclusion of the amazing Native Whey.

In a recent industry comparison, new Reflex Instant Whey including Native Whey beat the top 5 selling whey protein products both in terms of protein content and price per gram of protein. (See chart above)

We provide a product guarantee with your interest at hear and complete piece of mind on all of our products.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Given that we expend so much effort at every stage of the process, we have 100% confidence in all of our products. The simplest way of demonstrating this confidence is by offering a FULL NO QUESTIONS ASKED money back guarantee.

This means that if you are unhappy with the product in any single respect, you can return the remainder of the product with packaging and proof of purchase for a FULL REFUND of the purchase price, credit or alternative product. The choice is yours. There are no hidden clauses, just a very simple promise that really does allow you complete peace of mind when buying any of the Reflex range.

Just as important from our perspective is the peace of mind that comes from using branded ingredients in our product range that adopt equally high standards, rigorous research and patented products.

Protein tested for your confidence.

Protein Tested

All of our protein products are subject to Protein Testing to guarantee that what you see on the label is what you get in the tub.

Our new ISO Quality Controlled supplement Protein Testing Procedure ensures that our protein products deliver exactly what is claimed on the label. This thorough new protein testing procedure has been implemented by our R&D team to clearly demonstrate our unwavering commitment to quality control and ever increasing commitment to our valued customers.

Protein Test Results

Below is a table showing the latest protein results for all the products that are tested. To view all the results for a specific product, please select from the list on the right of this page. If you would like a certificate for your product, please email us;certificates@reflex-nutrition.com

Date Row Product Size Flavour BN MFG Protein
07/11/2011 2355 Diet Protein 900g Strawberry 011 October 2011 73.2%
07/11/2011 2356 Peptide Fusion 2.1kg Strawberry 028 November 2011 80.3%
07/11/2011 2357 One Stop Xtreme 4.35kg Strawberry 029 November 2011 36.6%
07/11/2011 2358 Peptide Fusion 2.1kg Chocolate 035 November 2011 80.6%
07/11/2011 2359 Instant Whey 909g Raspberry 003 October 2011 79.8%
07/11/2011 2365 Instant Mass 2.727kg Strawberry 018 November 2011 39.8%
07/11/2011 2367 Instant Whey 2.27kg Choc-Mint 012 November 2011 80.1%
07/11/2011 2369 Diet Protein 900g Banoffee 007 November 2011 75.5%
31/10/2011 2317 Instant Whey 2.27kg Chocolate 024 October 2011 79.7%
31/10/2011 2319 Natural Whey 2.27kg Strawberry 039 October 2011 78.0%
31/10/2011 2320 Natural Whey 2.27kg Vanilla 038 October 2011 78.0%
31/10/2011 2320 Natural Whey 2.27kg Vanilla 038 October 2011 78.0%
31/10/2011 2321 One Stop Xtreme 4.35kg Chocolate 034 October 2011 35.5%
31/10/2011 2322 Instant Whey 2.27kg Vanilla 006 October 2011 79.5%
31/10/2011 2324 Micro Whey 2.27kg Chocolate 008 October 2011 87.6%
31/10/2011 2325 Instant Whey 2.27kg Chocolate 025 October 2011 80.0%
31/10/2011 2326 Instant Whey 2.27kg Chocolate 025 October 2011 80.0%
24/10/2011 2370 Diet Protein 900g Chocolate 012 October 2012 72.9%
10/10/2011 2273 Diet Protein 900g Strawberry 010 October 2012 73.2%

Manufacturing with Green Energy.

Green Energy

We operate one new state of the art factory that incorporates manufacturing and offices all built to the highest environmental standards. As well as the factory, we have 3 satellite buildings that are used for storage and specialist manufacturing procedures. All of these units use electricity that comes from 100% renewable sources supplied by Ecotricity. Their electricity is harnessed from natural sources, like the wind, sun and water which neither pollute or contribute to climate change. They call these Deep Green sources because they''re the ultimate in renewable electricity generation.

The building design incorporates sunpipes and rooflights throughout providing natural light reducing the need for electric lighting. When an area is not adequately lit but is occupied, low energy fluorescent and LED lighting is used to provide sunlight compensation. There is also a 10 kW Wind Turbine with facility to send excess power generated back to the national grid. This provides us with a landmark operation that sets enviable standards when it comes to environmental credentials.

At an operational level, we also recycle all of our waste card and any waste plastics. Our product containers are also recyclable so when you have finished with them you too can take them to your nearest recycling point and help the environment yourself.